Serving Restaurants, Food Chains and Institutions for over 25 years!
Serving Restaurants, Food Chains and Institutions for over 25 years!

Signature Pasta Product Line

Athena Foods Signature Pasta product line offers you the opportunity to place your own flavor, your "signature", on the pasta by topping it with your blend of sauce and cheese. Athena Foods can supply you with assembled and precooked portions for lasagna, vegetable lasagna and mostaccioli. Signature Pasta Products are available in three sizes: 10 oz portions (18/case), 16 oz portion (12/case) and 4.5 lb trays (2 half steam trays/case).


For more information or samples, please contact us 248–827–7733.


Our products are made from quality, all natural ingredients using only the finest meats, cheeses, pastas, and spices. They contain absolutely no preservatives.


Unlike trays of food where unused portions that remain unsold beyond their shelf life get tossed in the garbage, our individual serving size means less waste!  Thaw only what you need every day, while unused portions remain safe in the freezer.  Less waste means higher profits, the bottom line will surprise you!


We offer controlled portions in a variety of sizes with one sure to meet your needs. Our flavor remains constant day to day, week to week, month to month.


Fast and easy as 1, 2, 3! We have assembled and precooked the portions. All that is left to do is:

1. Add sauce

2. Sprinkle cheese

3. Heat in oven

Want to know more about our products? Have questions about nutritional information? Interested in learning more about private label products?  Please call us at +1 248 827–7733 or use our contact form.

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